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What is VitalClip?

VitalClip is an iPhone accessory that measures vital signs and adds context to deliver an instant and meaningful view of your well-being.

You can’t manage what you don’t measure.
Health enthusiasts lack a convenient, reliable, and affordable way to accurately measure and manage their well being. VitalClip is addressing this need with its iPhone accessory that captures key physiological measurements, and combines these with location-based and activity-specific contextual information to provide users with actionable insights and a convenient way to better manage their health.

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A snapshot of your health is just one touch away. Get as little or as much information as you want, instantly.


Health happens all day long. VitalClip goes with you and your iPhone to help you capture the context that defines your health.



75% of large employers have wellness plans. We're working with their facilitators to get you a VitalClip, free of charge.


We've hand selected only the best sensors to give you an accurate assessment of what's happening inside and around you. We have a really smart scientist, too!